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The gradual decline and elimination of passenger service, railroads disappearing into bankruptcy and merger, sinking revenues and deteriorating physical plants are the trademarks of the era. Piggyback train services and new unit trains for coal, grain and other commodities offered some positive revenue.

And the era was nothing if not colorful - even if rust was an For modelers, this era offers a blend of the booming eras of the 1940s and 1950s with the modern era to come.

This article reviews the implementation of PIP to date.

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Often, the employee was not paid his salary in full because there was insufficient income from the business.Indeed, much of the older equipment was still in service and sometimes in unusual roles like E7 and E8 diesels on piggyback and express freight trains.Rolling stock was a mix of older vintage cars and new high-capacity designs.The DWP planned to begin ‘natural reassessment’ of working age disability living allowance (DLA) claimants across the country from 7 October 2013.1 However, this date was postponed to 28 October 2013, and limited to areas for which a ‘relevant date’ has been specified (referred to as ‘transfer areas’ in this article).' In a transfer area, a claimant If a claimant lives in a transfer area and has an existing DLA award that is due to end, it is DWP policy that s/he will be invited to claim PIP, rather than sent a renewal claim form for DLA.It is only possible for current DLA claimants to voluntarily claim PIP if they live in a transfer area.

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