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Your child can chat with friends and relatives, meet new people, learn foreign languages, develop new interests.While most of these people who come into your home through the Internet are very nice, some of them are looking for your name, your address, phone number and other personal information. Eventhough my friendlist settings are private they knew exactly who my friends were. They showed me a sex video (of me) and told me that if i wont pay they will send it to all of my facebook friends.Spector Pro even records Internet based e-mails like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

“He thought about it,” Jones recalls, describing a conversation with Trump from before his divorce from Ivana was final. “I met Trump at a party and said, ‘What do you think of her getting pregnant?

Facebook's extensive but little-discussed technology for scanning postings and chats for criminal activity automatically flagged the conversation for employees, who read it and quickly called police.

Officers took control of the teenager's computer and arrested the man the next day.

We believe that parents need to spend time with their children, especially when they are surfing the Internet, but we also understand that a parent cannot always be present when the child is online.

Spector Pro helps to bridge that gap, by recording what the child does so that the parent can review this at a later time.

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