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Local school boards and community college trustee boards have a tremendous influence on the quality of education in your community.

They determine education policy, funding distribution, professional salaries and benefits, and working conditions.

Glendale Rainbow Girls will sell hot dogs, chips, drinks, ice cream, face-painting and homemade crafts. Orders for grass-fed beef and lamb, apple-fattened pork and pastured chickens can be placed too.

Free food, games, prizes and safety demonstrations are just a few reasons to stop by the Campus Safety Fair Wednesday, Sept. In addition to tabling and giveaways, there will be a magic show, a self-defense demo, hands-only CPR training and other activities.

“The government has agreed that the king’s official birthday is changed from July 29 to Sept 9, this year,” it said in a statement. Ingresa a mi lista de subscriptores aqui ➔ Join my subscriber list here ➔ Photo: bmj Using an efficient logistics concept the move of the three courts could be handled in just one week without interrupting the ongoing legal operation: The filing office of the Commercial Court, the District Court for Commercial Matters and the District Court Inner City of Vienna will be closed in the Riemergasse on Friday 5th September 2003, 15.30 clock, and reopened on Monday 8th September, 7.30 clock, in the judicial center of Vienna Center.

“Introduction to the Protestant Reformation” will feature a theologically diverse group of 6 speakers (three clergy and three academics) sharing their thoughts about seven pivotal 16 century reformers: Luther & Melanchthon, Zwingli, Calvin & Knox, Simons & the Anabaptists, and Cranmer.

Join us as we learn together about the onset and shifting nature of the Reformation: who were the major reformers, what were their beliefs, how were they similar and different, who were their adherents, and where do we see their theologies in modern Protestant denominations?

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