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The former SPIN CITY star announced her plans to split for good from Sambora in February (06) after 11 years of marriage and now American publication US Weekly is reporting she is dating JOE DIRT star and comedian Spade.

The magazine reports the couple was spotted kissing while hanging out with friends in West Hollywood, and are thought to have met through their mutual manager.great Casanovas of our time, able to woo some of the industry's biggest beauties by simply following the maxim, "Be normal and kind of have your shit together." Unfortunately, Locklear currently has her shit somewhat scattered, as she's dealing with a DUI "I texted her to check on her," Spade, 44, said Saturday night in Santa Monica at the annual benefit dinner and concert for the Lili Claire Foundation (which helps children living with neurogenetic conditions), about Locklear, who was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence...."I think things get blown out a lot of proportion," said Spade.

Gerard Butler and David Spade were both spotted at Guy's last night and, we can't help but wonder, if each approached the same girl... You MIGHT think Gerard is the obvious answer - after all,... We know notorious ladies' man David Spade has a penchant for younger chicks, but these two may just land him in prison!

The Desperate Housewives hottie celebrated her 45th birthday this weekend at Luau restaurant in Beverly Hills with friends and family...

"Still doing my crummy little jokes, do it in Vegas a lot and some things around the country," he said.

Can Heather Locklear and David Spade really deny they are still not an item?

Infamous ladies' man David Spade has done it again -- the miniature comedian stepped out for lunch with a gorgeous girl who would never give him the time of day if he weren't, well, rich and funny. The threesome got bromantical on the red carpet for the premiere of their new film, Grown Ups in New York city last... Charlize Theron, Joe Jonas, David Spade, Adam Sandler, Snoop Dogg, Angel Mc Cord and practically every other celeb in LA watched the Lakers trounce the Celtics in game one of the playoffs last night at the Staples Center.

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For various reasons—probably the biggest one being that he's a man, and the distant second being that none of it involved cheating on a spouse—Spade's playboy ways have just quietly woven themselves into the fabric of Hollywood lore."In real life, I know I kind of get that rap, but I'm a little more mellow than that, little more subdued because I'm a little more boring than that.It's just fun to play it up and be dumb about it."Working with Locklear was easy, he said, because even though she is known for her dramatic roles on "Dynasty" and "Melrose Place," she's actually quite funny."She comes on the show this week," he said.Talking about the humbling experience of checking himself out in a mirror at Macy's while buying a new shirt to get back "out there," he self-deprecatingly referred to himself as a "6 or 7," adding, "I'm OK with it at this point." Perhaps it was his genuine-sounding concern over the end of that relationship that made it seem he was really looking to settle down.Not to presume he and Rivera, who filed for divorce from Ryan Dorsey in November, don't have potential, but a source tells us they've only hung out a few times and it's "nothing major." Rivera had some fun with the headlines too, posting a video to her Instagram story from bed over the weekend, saying, "Holy s--t guys.

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