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I still have a recurring charge for their service that will need to be canceled.My actions to date have been to file a complaint with the attorney general for the state of California.Miss Travel functions like any other dating site, in that users create profiles and message back and forth before arranging to meet if they hit it off—but rather than having your first date at a local dive bar, you have it at an all-inclusive resort in Bora Bora.In theory, it's a site for people with a disposable income who love to travel and want to add a date into the mix. And maybe sex because someone else paid to whisk you away.

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FOR ALL WE HAVE BEEN SCAM YOU ALL NEED TO CONTACT THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION TO FILE A COMPLAINT AND THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU IN DALLAS TEXAS LEAST THAT THE ADDRESS THEY ARE USING. The "customer service" number is a fake number, and the actual site is below par.When I first told my friends that I was spending the weekend in a Mexican mansion on a date with a stranger, they thought I was insane."Diana, this sounds a lot like prostitution," they said with raised eyebrows and concerned stares.Indeed it did, and that's precisely what I thought when I first came across Miss Travel, an online travel dating site founded in 2012 by Brandon Wade, the same man behind the sugar baby/sugar daddy website Seeking Please contact me at [email protected] a prepaid card with limited funds on it, to prevent them from continuing renewals. The site wiped out the profile that I had spent a considerable amount of time, creating over a year ago, only because they said that I had violated rules by my writing that I am able to read & respond to messages, again, because I have renewed. Yet, there are sleaze bags on the site that they do not censor.Not going to bother to put together as extensive a profile that I had, before, because if they delete it, no big waste of my time.

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