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"Cat People" is constructed almost entirely out of fear. It exists on eight or nine sets, the running time is only 73 minutes, it has few special effects, there are no major stars, the violence is implied or dreaded but not much seen.Yet the film, made as a B picture for only 5,000, became RKO's top grosser for 1942, bringing in million, compared to the studio's "Citizen Kane" at 0,000 in 1941.A lesbian forum that despite what previous definitions claim, is NOT a bi message board.In fact, the site revolves around bislut-bashing, along with the thrashing of the following groups: butches, lesbians who've been with men, men, gay men, transsexuals, straight women, asexuals, pansexuals, black girls, Asian girls, fat girls, ugly girls and Americans.The film magnifies her dread by exploiting the fear some people have of cats: They're sneaky and devious and creep up on you, and are associated with Satan.These dark undertones are framed by a story of everyday life.

Brnabić told state Tanjug news agency: 'If elected in parliament, I will run the government with dedication and responsibility and I will do my job honestly and with love.' Brnabić nomination is considered part of Vučić's apparent turn toward the West despite strong pressure from Russia to maintain its influence in the region.

Her government needs formal approval by Serbia's parliament next week.

It was 'a difficult decision reached in the interest of Serbia and its citizens,' said Vučić, a former extremist-turned-reformist who has promised to boost gay rights as part of the country's efforts to obtain European Union membership.

The Republic of Serbia is a multiparty parliamentary democracy with approximately 7.5 million inhabitants.

Boris Tadic was reelected president in February 2008.

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