Turlingtons balsam dating bottle

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Steer’s Opodeldoc, a balm for the skin, was billed as “a speedy and certain cure” for bruises, sprains, burns, cuts, frostbite, headaches, and insect bites.Thomas William Dyott of Philadephia grew frustrated with the poor quality of American-made medicine bottles, so he established his own glassworks, which churned out huge quantities of vessels between 18.{{Information |Description=Photograph of three antique patent medicine bottles in my own (username deepestbluesea) collection.high, and bears two marks, one of which is a pontil mark 59 mm.

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At the turn of the century, its main domestic use was as a sewing machine oil.

One is shaped like a race car and the other is shaped like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway emblem.

Rod Cain Summitville, Hello could you give me any info on where to find the bottles called starboy the only thing I know is where it was from which is Charlottesville VA and that it is by Pepsi.

She told me she bought it around 25 years ago from Tiara. There are no stampings and the corks in it were added a few years ago. Am curious about a bottle I found and am unable to identify. Its cylindrical, 4 1/4 " high, 1 1/2 " across base. It is cobalt, BIM, rolled lip, the seam stopping about an 1/8th " below the lip. Back of the bottle - A circle with an eagle in it, wungs open.

What has me guessing is the contents, "Celery-Phos-Fo Gotham Chemical Co. Words - "Trade Mark" at the top of the circle and at the bottom of the circle is a box with "A .

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